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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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balloons being filled, and barricades going up, as the bay area prepares to ring in the new year. and this year, security is a top concern. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> frank somerville is off
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tonight. san francisco is bustling tonight. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch the annual fireworks display. and in the wake of terror attacks on public gatherings, they will encounter tight security. amber lee live along the embarcadero. >> reporter: preparations are underway for that big fireworks show. as you can see behind me, the no parking signs are up, and we're told there will be plenty of extra eyes on the lookout for any suspicious behavior, whether the celebration be outside, or indoors. at the w hotel, balloons are being inflated one by one to create a drop at midnight. workers are setting up the sound system, so guests can dance the night away to the music played by the dj's. >> the security is definitely concerning me after the paris attack. we started making preparations
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two months ago. >> reporter: the event planner says many have doubled the normal number of security. along the waterfront, rain slowed the big work of setting up the fireworks display. red caps cover the tubes protecting the morer toes that will be fired -- mortars that would be fired off. choreographed to music. >> your hands are wet, and your trying to make electrical connections and handling things. from that aspect, it makes it a little more challenging. >> reporter: still, show producer jeff thomas says 2/3 of the work is done. the tugboat pulls the two barges filled with the fireworks out 1,000 feet, just south of the ferry building. then a 50 minute show designed to delight an audience from all over the bay area. >> they're very exciting, very colorful, they're big. >> reporter: police hope any suspicious behavior will
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attract people's attention, so they can alert officers. barricades are at the ready along the embarcadero for crowd control. police say every available officer will be on the street. >> there's going to be officers pretty much on every single block in all of the main areas of san francisco. we also have a lot of plainclothes officers that you're not going to see, that are going to be immersed within the city. >> reporter: the party at the w, for what is arguably, the biggest party night of the year. all have something in common. >> keep everything safe. the goal of everyone tomorrow night. >> reporter: police tell me they have not received any threats, but they are advising anyone who sees anything suspicious to alert an officer or call 911. ken, julie? >> now let's just hope everyone has a good time and celebrates the new year. after threats of possible terrorist attacks at new year's
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eve celebrations there, austria, france, germany, and the u.k. have all been on heightened alert this week. russian officials say the surest way to stay safe is to not go out. to the weather now, this is a wet wednesday for parts of the day area. take a look at the conditions along the bay bridge this afternoon, where light showers made for slick roads. >> the big question tonight is will the clouds and the fog clear in time to see the fireworks tonight. bill martin tracking the conditions. >> reporter: things are definitely going to be perfect for tomorrow night, albeit chilly. we're going to see freezing temperatures, and tomorrow night, we're looking at numbers around firework time to be in the upper 30s, low 40s around the bay. so right now, what we're looking at is we're between weather systems. the system that brought the rain today is moving off to the east. this system out here impacts us next week, but for tomorrow night, for new year's eve, we're looking at coastal
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temperatures in the mid-40s. that's chilly out of pacifica. 40degrees around the bay. that's about midnight temperatures or so. that's places like san francisco and oakland. if you're inland, about 36 degrees. if you're watching fireworks or out and about, it will be chilly tomorrow night. at midnight, 40 degrees will be the average temperature around the bay, inland, mid-30s. overall, a perfect night for viewing fireworks. when i come back, we're going to talk about next week, the new year, 2016, we've got some weather to talk about, and we'll have that fixed up for you when i see you after the break. bay area transit agencies are making it easier to get home without driving on new year's eve. trains running every 20 minutes after midnight. it will also skip some san francisco stations after 8:00 p.m. to help ease crowding. check ahead of time to see which stops you will be using. bart will charge normal fares.
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as for other transit agencies, they're offering free rides from 8:00 p.m. new year's eve, until 5:00 a.m. the next morning. you can also try aaa's tipsy tow service if you're driving. and you can always go to for more information to help you get around the bay area on new year's eve. just click on web links. we're ending 2015 on a promising weather note. the latest shows the sierra snowpack is above average for this time of the year. what a difference a year makes. what that means for drought relief here in the bay area. >> reporter: ken, it means we might actually need to break out the sandbags this year. this is ready for residents to help prepare for the expected el nino range. but there is no drought relief without a healthy snowpack, and this latest snow survey shows we're off to a good startment. >> reporter: a trip to the snowy sierra didn't require
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skis, just poles. one pole actually to take the latest snow survey. >> this is clearly much better than it was last year at this time. >> reporter: while last year isn't hard to top, the measure today was 136% of normal for this date at this location near evening e.echo summit in el dorado county. more important than the nearly 5 feet of snow here is how wet the snow is. >> the water content is what's going to run off. >> reporter: think of the snow capped sierra as your kitchen freezer, storing leftovers to be thawed, and used later. >> it's still early in the season, and the drought's not over yet. >> reporter: abby figueroa says while the snow survey is good news. >> what we really need to see is a couple more months like the one we just had. >> reporter: they are monitored 24/7 at east bay mud's control
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center. the snowpack measure in the utility's watershed is even better than today's survey. a robust 136% of average for this time of year. still most of east bay mud's reservoirs are half empty. these first rains are feeding a parched earth first. it's the christmas gift we hope el nino keeps on giving, with rains making everything a little greener. east bay mud says hoses and sprinkler systems should be off, and water conservation measures should be a way of life. >> the picture to remember is that these periods of dry and wet are normal for california, and it's most likely, we're going to get more frequent dry periods going forward. >> reporter: for now, gray days and white powder are a great way to start a new year. so when that snow melts, and when it remains are key. there are a lot of varrables
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still left with a lot of winter. >> what a dramatic change, going from sandbags to drought. san francisco police released new surveillance video today of a brazen robbery at a fast food restaurant. police say they're looking for this man. the video shows him smashing the glass door of a closed mcdonald's restaurant. once inside, he orders the employees to open the safe, and then to open all the cash registers. investigators say he threatened the employees with what appeared to be a handgun underneath a cloth. no one was hurt. tonight, bill cosby is free on $1 million bail after being formally charged drugging, and sexual assaulting a woman in 2004. cosby's attorney says he's confident the 78-year-old tv legend will be exonerated in court. laura ingle now on cosby's brief court appearance today. >> reporter: bill cosby adriving at a courthouse in pennsylvania for his
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arraignment on sexual assault charges. the legendary comedian facing the first formal charges filed against him since dozens of women came forward, accusing cosby of drugging them, and sexually assaulting them. >> we're here to announce today charges that have just been filed against william henry cosby. these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home in sheltonham township in montgomery county. mr.cosby is charged with indecent assault. >> reporter: cosby's charges are punishable by up to 10 years in prison. prosecutors in the case say they were able to bring the charges against him after learning information in previously sealed legal documents from a civil deposition. the issue now is they've gone and obtained documents where he testified under oath, that he drugged her, so that's going to be able to be used against him.
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at least 52 women have come forward to claim cosby abused them. the alleged abuse took place as recent as 2008 in at least eight states. cosby acknowledged ten years ago under oath, that he did have sexual contact with a woman, andrea constand, but it was consensual. >> reopening this case was not a question. rather, reopening this case was our duty as law enforcement officers with a sworn obligation to uphold our constitutions, and to uphold the law. >> reporter: the charges are happening just 12 days before the statute of limitations was about to run out in the case. her client welcomes the charges. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. cover of the new york daily news makes a powerful commentary on the number of women who have come forward
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with accusations against cosby. the cover shows a picture of cosby and says quote, he said she said. she said with the phrase repeated over and over, referencing the more than 50 women who have made accusations. coming up, authorities say he may have been used as a living chew toy. now this tiny purple kitten is on the mend. at 10:30, the efforts to help the animal, and find him a new home. >> tracking the forecast for thursday. i'll let you know how cold it's going to be in your neighborhood thursday morning. >> first, new information in the drowning of a 4-year-old boy. tonight, his grandmother is behind bars. >> she admitted to the intentional act of drowning the child oh & %c1
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tonight, there are new developments in solano county. fairfield police say a grandmother has now admitted she deliberately drowned her 4- year-old grandson. rob roth spoke with both investigators and neighbors. >> reporter: police say what happened inside this house on jefferson street in residential fairfield was no accident. they say this grandmother, dawn raines-hewes told them she intentionally killed her 4-year- old grandson in the bathtub. >> it was during the questioning of the grandmother, she admitted to the intentional
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drowning of grandchild. >> reporter: she's being held her in the solano county jail. we're asked to speak to her, but are told she is under special safety watch and couldn't have visitors. they received a 911 call and found the boy unresponsive. he was declared dead at a knish house, police say hughes was babysitting the boy and his sister, aged 6. the camera came over to her house about 30 minutes before police arrived and asked to use her cell phone. she also asked twice for a ride then told her never mind, but apparently didn't act like anything was wrong. neighbors say they never saw any problems, and are surprised and saddened. >> we never thought it would happen so close. i mean, the baby was only 4 years old. >> reporter: hughes is expected to make her first appearance in court tomorrow afternoon. in fairfield, rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. the neighbor who tried to save that 4-year-old boy is speaking out. he gives his name as cody, and
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says he first heard the grandmother yelling louder and louder, then he ran to help. >> she tells me she left her grandson in the bathroom too long, or bathtub too long. he was curled up on his side, and i had to lay him out to perform cpr. >> cody says he did cpr until the first responders arrived. at the time, he had no reason to believe the incident was intentional. alameda county prosecutors filed charges today against the man who exchanged gunfire with b.a.r.t. police on christmas day. charles kyle getting was charged with assault on a police officer. bart police stopped him as he was pushing a u-haul. after they ran a check on him, they said getting fired at officers. one officer was shot in the arm. the body of a bay point man was found in the back of that
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truck. that part of the case is still under investigation. a friend of the two mass shooters has been indicted. a grand jury indicted enrique marquez. marquez is accused of providing the weapons that syed farook, and tashfeen used. marquez is not accused of taking part in this month's shooting in san bernandino. now to the midwest, where deadly flood waters continued to rise in missouri tonight. reporter matt fin tells us, more than a dozen people have been killed, as those flood waters rise to historic levels. >> reporter: swollen rivers rivers and streams have been pushed to heights not seen since 1993. president obama pledging the federal government's continued help, dealing with severe
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weather, in a phone call with missouri governor jay nixon. governor nixon says he's optimistic the eastern and southern portions of the state will soon recover from the devastation. but cautions, it's not over. >> we can say anything over and over, and over. it would be don't drive in the water. of the fatalities, every one exhibit one has been someone drove into water. most of them at night. >> that came just hours before the meremac river's flood. >> reporter: the people who live closest to that levee are packing up, and moving out. >> wishing and hoping, praying that everything stays dry. >> it wears you out. like now. this is the last time i want to have to do this.
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if it does flood, i probably won't move back here. >> reporter: dozens of motels and businesses forced to close. we've seen police close to monitoring the area for looting. governor nixon says so far there have been no reports. in valley park, missouri, matt fin, fox news. a few showers out there today, even some snow flurries reported. i didn't see in, but i have reports out in daly city and parts of moraga. mill valley, which usually gets a lot of rain, just under a tenth of an inch of rain. pretty light stuff. definitely cool all day. lots of 40s. here comes the next series of systems. they're going to be warmer. there's going to be a different kind of event with the warmer air, moire moisture involved. higher snow levels, increased temperatures, and more rainfall. that's not tomorrow or the next day. that's early next week.
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in the meantime, we've got clear skies, or clearing skies out there now. a few clouds do linger. as we head into the evening hours, we're talking about overnight lows are downright chilly, or freezing. 35 in napa. temperatures will look like this by tomorrow morning, so we'll have plenty of frost throughout the bay area. just like this morning. a little patchy valley fog as well. be prepared for an icy, frosty morning even around the bay. daytime highs will be in the 50s. plenty of sunshine. when i come back, we'll track the rest of the holiday weekend forecast and that chance for an opportunity for more rain as we move into next week. questions tonight about the shooting death of a man by bay area police. >> it wasn't handled in the best way that it could be handled. >> why police say they had no choice. >> and later on in sports, a short handed warriors team on the road. sports director mark ibanez on
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tonight's tough one in dallas. >> plus new developments in the case of a young texas man known as the affluenza teen. why the boy as measure was extradited from mexico without him. ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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a dublin police motorcycle officer is being treated for two broken legs after being hit by the driver of a stolen car, as that driver was trying to evade police. a 10 minute chase ended at dublin boulevard near marcus. the highway patrolman told us the driver took off. officers chased the car, but called off their pursuit when the vehicle headed into dublin. >> vehicle made a u-turn at that intersection. we don't know if it was intentional, or unintentional, but at the time, unfortunately, a dublin police officer was hit. >> the driver of the stolen car, and a passenger suffered minor injuries, both of them
10:24 pm
were arrested. the chp says they also arrested two other people who were in the car, and dropped off, before the collision. as for the injured dublin officer, he was talking and conscious at the scene. tonight, the friend of a mentally ill man who was shot and killed by palo alto police is raising new questions about that deadly encounter. ktvu's azenith smith spoke with that family friend who believes police should have handled that situation differently. >> reporter: he is with the 31- year-old hours before palo alto police shot and killed him. he said he was looking forward to hiking trips in the new year and a new home in felton, the last thing he ever thought would happen was raff's encounter with police. >> i know immediately it wasn't handled in the best way it could have been handled.
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>> reporter: he said raff checked himself in for what was called psychological. >> reporter: they ordered him to drop the knife, then without rather thanking, he charged at them. two officers fired their handguns, one fired a taser. the encounter lasted 19 seconds. >> it was a remarkably fast event and it only ended the way it did because the suspect chose to sprint at the officers while waving this 9-inch metal knife. >> reporter: police kaled it a table or kitchen knife. police recovered 9 bullet casings, and dash cam video they aren't releasing that shows the officers actions. wallace said he wants these officers to be held accountable for raff's death. >> i think whoever tased him probably had a better head on his shoulders. >> reporter: the officers who shot raff are on paid leave.
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one had five years experience, the other, a year and a half. this case will be turned over to the santa clara district attorney's office for review. federal officials granted california an extension today in meeting new driver's license requirements. under the new rules anyone applying for a california license will have to provide proof of residency. it's not clear yet what documents would have to be submitted, but the information could eventually end up in a national database, and that sparked debate about privacy. california has until october 10 of next year to comply. a renewed call for help from the fbi. it comes following a number of bank robberies in the bay area. up next, a look at the cases the public could help solve.
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>> and a new home for a wayward elephant seal in the north bay. where the 900-pound mammal finally ended up.
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tonight, the fbi is asking for help in solving several major bank robbery cases in the bay area. >> henry lee tells us one case involves a man who's hit at least 10 banks without being caught. >> reporter: bank robberies in the bay area are down, but not out. >> high based on other cities. that was the message today as the fbi met with the media to discuss bank bandits they're still looking for. they call the droopy faced bandit for his skin.
10:30 pm
the man has hit ten banks since 2007, mostly in the china district. he usually passes a note. then there's an unnerving takeover robber. they ordered everyone to the ground. they fled with cash taken from the vault. just monday, a person, police aren't sure if it's a man or a woman made off with more than $250,000. a huge haul compared to the average take of several thousand dollars. authorities have made a number of arrests in serial bank heists like that of darius gilbert, dubbed the clean cut bandit. the fbi says many arrests are the result of tips from the public. >> we don't live in vacuums. there is somebody, somewhere out there who knows who that individual is. and based on tips like that
10:31 pm
from people calling in, and identifying that individual, or not giving us a name or telephone number, but saying i saw an individual similar, he gets coffee here. he walks his dog here. i usually see him in the park on wednesdays at about 7:00. tips like that definitely help us. >> reporter: even as the fbi asks for help, officials say bank robberies in the bay area have gone down. in 1993, there are about 750 robberies. a spike experts say was die in part to the crack cocaine epidemic. fast forward to 2013. last year, 152. so far this year, only 102. if you have any information, you're asked to call the fbi, or your local police department. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. walnut creek police are looking for an armed robbery suspect who may be linked to other bayer area robberies. police say he robbed an
10:32 pm
employee at gunpoint this morning, at a vallejo gas station. this is a surveillance photo of that suspect with the dark colored ski mask. he took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled. no one was hurst. the suspect is described as asian, 5'9", with a stalky build. police believe he is responsible for robberies in redwood city and san leandro. new at 10:00, a citedden who may have been used as a chew toy for dogs on the mend is now in redwood city. he was nicknamed smurf, because he's purple. cats are often used as bait for fighting dogs in that area, so it's not a good idea to give away kittens to anybody for free. smurf will have surgery next week to fix a large leg wound. he should be ready for foster care after that.
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the recent rains are helping fish find their way to spawning grounds. next year's el nino storms could speed up that process. but as tom vacar reports, it could harm the next generation of baby fish. >> reporter: the austins, who just moved to the bay area, came to laginats's creek. >> just beautiful. >> reporter: the salmon have returned from the ocean to spawn and die. completing a three year circle of life. >> i just think they're really colorful. some are dark. i just really like them, they're cool. >> reporter: what we're witnessing here, unfortunately, is the demise of the kaho salmon. they've gone extinct. >> reporter: though this stream
10:34 pm
contains one of the biggest salmon runs, those are less than 10% of what they should be to indicate a healthy sustainable population. ironically, the torrential downpours that el nino could seen deliver could hurt the koho soon to come. >> there's less water in the creek for them to move around and find food. now with el nino, potentially giving us too much rain at all once, the fish have nowhere to hide. >> the real key is a comprehensive restoration of the habitat on each and every remaining salmon bank stream to return them to their original condition. >> so if we could stop making new mistakes and doing more development along the stream, and repair the mistakes of the past, then we will make progress. >> it just be a loss for everybody that lives in the local area.
10:35 pm
and for the tourism, and the local community. >> reporter: this is not something remote, or happening far, far away. it's happening right here, and it's happening right now. and we can do a lot more about it, if we choose to, if not, we're responsible. tom vacar, ktvu, fox 2 news. we got a look today at that wayward elephant seal in her new home along the wayward county coast. releasing pictures of the 900- pound pregnant elephant seal. she's now at an elephant seal colony at point reyes sea shore. experts say this is a much better place for her. veterinarians sedated tole yesterday, and relocated her after she apparently got lost, and refused to leave the waters near highway 37. checking on your forecast as we move through the rest of the holiday weekend. i'll let you know what you can
10:36 pm
expect in that next chance for some real rain coming up. >> plus, super bowl l, just 39 days away. a look at how officials plan to transport thousands of football fans to levi stadium for the big game. >> but first, yahoo looking to sell. the south bay property that soon could be on the market.
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the mother of a texas teenager who fled with hem to mexico has been deported to the united states. the mother and ethan couch were expected to be flown back to the united states. but they only flew tanya couch. >> it seemed to me, if they wanted to, they could pay as much money as they wanted to to drag this thing out as long as they wanted to. we're hope of that the mexican immigration court will make a quick, and decisive decision and return the couch's to america. >> couch's attorney used the teen's affluent upbringing as defense of a crash that left people dead. couch's father today thanked authorities for locating his son. investigators don't believe he
10:40 pm
was involved in his son's disappearance. turning now to the 2016 race for the white house. republican front runner donald trump says he is going to start spending big. trump says he plans to spend at least $2 million a week. the money will go to tv ads in the first three voting states. iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. meantime, senator marco rubio won the endorsement today of a key congressional leader. and democrat hillary clinton will apparently reach her foal to raise $100 million by years' end. the dow jones fell 117 points, nearly wiping out some of yesterday's gains. the s & p 500 was down 15. a fall in crude oil prices fueled the sell off. while other silicone giants snap up real estate, yahoo may sell a sizable piece of land in santa clara. they are considering the sale
10:41 pm
of a 48-acre development site near levi stadium near great america parkway. yahoo paid $106 million for the property in 2006. there's no word of what the new sale price would be, but it could help boost yahoo's sagging revenue stream. new at 10:00, dozens of people gathered at glide memorial service for celebrating kwanzaa. >> the village project partnered with glide for tonight's celebration. each of the seven days of kwanzaa offers a different inspirational message. super bowl officials working on a plan to try to keep traffic moving for the big game. >> you won't have an overloading situation that's plagued maybe a couple of passing footballs. >> up next, a look at the partnerships that will help get
10:42 pm
thousands of fans to and from levi stadium. >> what about this holiday weekend? chief bill martin will have the complete holiday forecast.
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guaranteed! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it is still a month away, but the super bowl host committee wants people to cart planning how to get to the big game in santa clara. >> the transportation plan, which involves luxury buses, picking up fans from all over the bay area. >> reporter: super bowl l is no ordinary football game at levi stadium, and no ordinary transportation plan would do. so they're trying something new that's never been done before. offering pickup by a fleet called fan express. >> we're able to put up to 50 fans in one luxury motor coach. have them be picked up, and dropped off in one location, and just have an easy, reliable
10:45 pm
way to get back and home from the game. and it's only $55 round trip. >> in san francisco, at sfo, and in the east bay, and the north peninsula. the host committee estimates they can transport 6,000 fans this way. they say not only will it be a fun way to travel, they can relieve stress on other modes of transportation. >> more people can take one single vehicle to the game, and from the game. reducing the need for a huge number of parking spots, because they're simply not available. >> reporter: some parking spots will instead be used for temporary structure, and as part of a game day fan plaza. still, there are parking permits on sale now. they can take taxis for the first time, or uber. >> there will be a dedicated lot where people can be dropped off, and also pick up uber after the game. >> reporter: the host committee
10:46 pm
says they studied past super bowls, learning from successes and mistakes. >> if you can create a balance and multiple ways for people to get to the game you won't have an overloading situation that's plagued past super bowls. >> reporter: in santa cara, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. so it's going to be a code one out there tonight, we've talked about there. there's no frost advisories or freeze warnings, but you might as well. it's going to be frosty in your neighborhood tomorrow. you can count on that. let's talk about that. it could be clearing. most of the sprinkles have ended for now. we talked about this earlier. we have some mid-latitude storms that want to move in next week. we can look for more rainfall. i think this next series of storms can be very, very productive in terms of rainfall
10:47 pm
reservoir filing, mountain snows. radar sweeps show the area clearing. these temperatures bear a second look, and you're going to be looking at about 31 he degrees in santa rosa. 30 in antioch. 29 in morgan hill. some water vapor lingering, and that's very conducive to frost formation. windchills will be getting scraped tomorrow. i took the long range model here. so i just rule real quick through 7:00 a.m. right in here, or 7:00 p.m. on sunday. your weekend is going to be dry and mostly sunny, but cold in the mornings. watch where these other storms come from. they're going to come out of the lower latitudes. here we are, boom, boom, boom. a series of progressive storms with more behind it coming in mid-latitude. that's a very encouraging sign for rainfall around here. as you look at the forecast for santa rosa, cold. 29degrees, frosty, clear out. clear in the afternoon, lunchtime around 52 degrees or
10:48 pm
so. a beautiful day tomorrow. crisp and clear. jackets, i think all day. today, most of these were in the upper 40s, or low, low 50s. tomorrow night is going to be a cold story. i wouldn't be surprised to see a freeze warning go into effect. thursday night, into friday morning is going to be very cold. we could see temperatures down into the mid-20s. that's when we would most likely see some of these warnings and watches. as we go into tonight. san jose, it's pretty chilly. 34degrees. at lunchtime, you're clear, about 52 degrees in san jose. there you go, you've got your beautiful evening with cool temperatures coming your way. 53 in napa. 56 in vallejo. 51 out there in the livermore area. then in the five-day forecast, with your bay area weekend in view. i think i messed up on one of them. there's the rain on monday. i think i showed san jose's model twice, now that i think
10:49 pm
about it. either way. >> we'll be back. >> it looks like this weekend is going to be great, and monday we get into some rain. >> some serious rain. it could last a few days into next week, which, bring it on. >> i think the new year, it's going to start off very wet around here. >> bill thank you. critical confetti test in times square. up next, the dress rehearsal, giving us a sneak peek of new york's big new year's celebration. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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3, 2, 1! >> there it goes. a dress rehearsal for the stroke of midnight tomorrow night in times square. organizers have tested the confetti. didn't know they did it. the confetti will be thrown by hand by 100 different people on 7 rooftops. a ton of confetti made up of 2,500,000,000 pieces. mark's here now. the warriors not so good tonight. but you can'texpect them to win every single game. >> i wasn't here the night they've lost their other game. i haven't had to do this all year long. deliver the bad news. i guess you can say the warriors find out how the other half live. that's basically what the warriors too to the other guys night in and night out. they had it happen to them for
10:53 pm
legit reasons. stephen curry, didn't play a lick. they needed big games from draymond green, and klay thompson. didn't get it. both green and he, 4 of 15 from the floor. meanwhile, dallas goes to town inside. they have 32 points in the paint, 1st half, they were up 18. dirk nowitzki does his thing. then in the 2nd half, dallas, bombs away. as the shot clock expires, that seems familiar. that's what steph usually does. chandler parsons there. then jj barea. dirk will top things off with another three ball, wide open. doesn't miss. 114-91. warriors though, 29-2. but they have to go immediately and play the houston rockets tomorrow night in houston and probably again, no steph curry. all season long you fight for home field, court, our ice
10:54 pm
advantage. not the sharks. they seem to play their best hockey out on the road, the men in teal, only 4-10 at the tank in san jose. obviously, not ideal in the long haul, trying to change that mess tonight. patty marlo, assisting joe thornton. power play is the story tonight. three of their four goals come that way. power play, rebound in front. brett burns whacks it home. 2-2 now. on a nice break. justin braun, you will see him put it right on the stick of joe pavelski who will score in front. he winds up with two goals on the night. he's got 20 on the year. 4-2 final, and most importantly, sharks break a four game losing streak on their home ice. the raiders, anything but boring this season, and the off- season figures to be every bit as pro socktive. before that, move or not to
10:55 pm
move drama unfold. one more regular season game to work through. jack del rio will finish off his first full season with the raiders in kansas city. the business at hand against the chiefs, win, to even their record at 8-8. by doing so, sweeping their divisional opponents on the road. which doesn't seem to weigh much on khalil mack's mind, he wants to win everywhere, every time you try to go on the road every week and get a win, regardless of if it's in your division on not. it would be a great message to send, i guess you could say. >> our mindset, and our focus, has been to go into someone else's place, you've got to strap it on and be ready. as we've learned. i'm not sure what the formula is, i just know whatever we've been doing has been doing some good things for us, so hopefully we continue to build on that too. strap it on, be ready.
10:56 pm
meantime, the bowl game barrage continues. tis the season for the pac-12. they're 5-1 going into the holiday bowl. sc down 20-7. 3rd quarter, justin davis, won't be denied. they're within 20-14 in the 4th quarter. cody kessler has time to find darius rogers darting across the end zone. 21-20, sv led. but wisconsin with 2:30 left has hit a field goal, and they lead 23-21 very late in the 4th quarter. and scott kazmir, former oakland a has signed with the l.a. dodgers for a mere $48 million. three years. and he won only 7 games last year. >> nice chunk of change. >> that's the going rate these days. >> not bad. >> that's the sporting life for tonight. >> see you mark. thank you for joining us tonight. join us tomorrow for mornings on 2. >> if you missed any part of
10:57 pm
the newscast, you can catch the rebroadcast starting now on tv36.
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